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20 Clean Eating Holiday Drink Recipes

20 Clean Eating Holiday Drink Recipes
Posted on December 7th, 2023.

These 20 clean eating holiday drink recipes will get you through the holidays without totally trashing your eating plan!

It’s the holidays and many of you don’t even want to think about a healthy eating plan. I’ve been there.

But the truth is, none of us wants to feel awful after the holidays about the way we look or feel, so coming up with healthier solutions for holiday treats can sometimes really be a lifesaver.

So today, I’m giving you guys 20 ideas for holiday drinks! Some have alcohol, some don’t. Either way, they have clean ingredients (minus the alcohol, of course), so you can enjoy without completely annihilating your eating plan!


Holiday Classics



P.S. – Please drink responsibly!

Original article: The Gracious Pantry

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